The Challenge

Helping to direct three days of programming for over 10,000 attendees was the ask. So simple. Also, changing the host city required a broadened awareness of not only what previous attendees could expect to be different, but also what first-time attendees could expect from the annual user conference.

Our Solution

Embracing a sort of one-page mentality on the homepage, where many high-level details could be attained at-a-glance, helped to direct traffic around the site. Clear CTAs to register and download our mobile app were included throughout. World-class speakers and companies were in attendance.

Fantastic Results

Surpassing registration goals by more than 40% and with 4,200+ mobile app downloads, CNX15 digital initiatives set the stage for one amazing event. The Journey Builder-fueled email campaign was so successful that a breakout session detailing its build was hosted and attended to max capacity.

Energetic, responsive website

More than just an attention-grabber, the cinemagraph gave a glimpse at the event as a whole with quick cuts of multiple areas of interest.

Keynote speakers, breakout session times/venues and networking opportunities were all available from a high-level on the homepage.

The site's design and interactions were planned and developed by myself along with an amazing team of creative experts.

Featured Image

Featured elements of this project

Though the site is no longer available, I've put together some selected elements of this initiative. Feel free to contact me for more details.