My 2¢ on Topics Near to My Heart

Creative Strategy

Developing a creative strategy goes beyond merely defining how marketing campaigns will meet business objectives. There's an emotional and psychological need that must be met to truly connect with your brand. Establishing that feeling, that familiarity, that trust—that's the trick.

UX / UI Design

Good design is not about trends or shiny objects, it's about optimization and inituition. Users will arrive to your digital properties with preconcieved tendencies and expectations. Analyzing data, eye tracking and heat map tests will guide your efforts but how will you respond?

Front-End Development

Part of ensuring great user experiences is assembling your digital properties with minimalism and simplicity in mind. In code, this means optimizing wherever possible without sacrificing needed functionality. I love technologies like Sass and less because they take what is great about the web and make it easier to modify.

Art Direction

Beyond taste, beyond styles and beyond trends, there is a knowledge great creative thinkers possess. Knowing how to most effectively market to your audience begins with knowing how to market to yourself. Whether it's a certain photographic element or a specific line of copy, there's something that will connect with your audience.

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